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Coronet Scaffold Group, one of the leading and most qualified scaffolding companies here in China.
Thanks to Coronet's inspiring group of family members, we have evolved from a small scaffold company in 2004 to one of the largest and most successful and qualified scaffolding sales companies in China. We have worked diligently and successfully together for the past 13 years to make Coronet Scaffold the success it is today, and look forward to Coronet's continued growth and success , going forward into more scaffolding sales and innovations.

“The ultimate purpose of a perfectly working scaffold is to provide a structurally safe workspace with suitable access and ease of setup and use for the task at hand.”

No matter how challenging or substantial your project is, Coronet offers the most supportive structures of any scaffolding company in the market today. We specialize in various types of scaffolding, such as;

  • Cuplock a type of scaffolding that is joined together by a system of metal cups which lock the beams in place. This system is both structurally sound as well as easy to install, making setup simple. Cuplock scaffolding is often used for job sites that need to be constructed quickly and need to support a heavy load. It is a unique system because it offers a method of linking four horizontal bars together simultaneously in one place, at a common joint, reducing the time it takes to assemble the system and creating an incredibly safe working environment.


  • Ringlock- Ringlock is a proven multi-purpose scaffold system which can be used for all forms of access and support structures in the building construction industries, facade retention, offshore construction, viaducts etc. It consists of tubes, captive wedges, and round rosettes, or rings, that create quick and extremely strong connections. Various angles can be achieved, allowing for a very versatile design, depending upon your project’s needs.


  • Kwikstage- Kwikstage scaffolding is a modular system with a wedge-style connection of ledgers and transoms which offers very easy setup and removal. It is versatile enough to be used for a small building project or a large industrial project. There are virtually no loose fittings to work with, which reduces loss of equipment or time to a minimum.


  • Frame- Typically manufactured from round tubing, this is one of the most common types of scaffolding seen on any job site. There are many different types of configurations as well as sizes of frame scaffolding, making it a great choice for any job. Typically, the frame is constructed by connecting two larger sections of scaffold with two cross sections of support, configured in a square, or cube design. This type of scaffolding is easy to install and can be setup quickly. Although it comes in larger sections, this is one of the most commonly seen types of scaffolding today.


  • Tube & Clamp- Also, known as tube & coupler, this scaffolding uses a series of vertical and horizontal tubes that are connected with right-angle clamps. This type of scaffolding system is very versatile and is often used when non-traditional work sites need to be setup in order to complete the project in a safe and efficient manner. Because it is completely customizable, tube & clamp offers almost no limit to the configuration possibilities. It does take more time to setup, but it is often a choice for construction with less than straightforward build plans.


  • C-60- Known for its straightforward design and speed of assembly, the C-60 scaffolding system is another very versatile temporary scaffolding structure. A limited number of parts needed to assemble means that you can expect a very high productivity on the job site, as there will not be as much time spent on setup and take down.

We also supply all necessary accessories you will need to complete your project safely and successfully, included, but not limited to;

  • Sidewalk Sheds- These “sheds” are temporary structures built to protect pedestrians from any potential objects falling from a construction site. They come in many sizes and configurations and include options such as sidewalk bridges and sidewalk legs, all for complete protection and safety.


  • Formwork Systems- Formworks are temporary molds and supports into which various forms of concrete is poured. They are closed from all sides and extremely strong, in order to accommodate a heavy work load that includes concrete, vibration, and a specific workforce of laborers. These temporary structures can be made out of steel, aluminum, timber, plywood, or plastic.


Coronet strives to provide you will an entire supportive structure, including everything you will need to get the job done right, inside and out. No matter how challenging or substantial your project is, our scaffolding company has the tools you need to succeed and excel. We offer only the best, highest quality products and components in the scaffolding industry today.

Whatever specific tensile or yield strength your project needs, or what type of elongation the steel specifications require, or even what kind of finish your steel should be—whether hot dipped, galvanized, or powder coated—we are ready with a variety of products that will make your job that much easier, that much stronger, and that much safer.

Our scaffold welders are all certified to meet the expectations and regulations of the scaffold industry. Our entire line of scaffolding material is tested to meet ANSI, NASC, and OSHA scaffold standards, assuring that you are purchasing a completely certified, well-made, and completely safe structure that you can put all of your trust into when it is erected on a job site. The safety of your workers should come first. Here at Coronet, our main goal is safety. We take pride in our product and want you to as well.

We deliver a complete system, including all necessary components you will need to setup and take down your scaffolding system, from start to finish. Once your order is complete, a team of professionals will quality check, package, and ship your entire order from our facilities in China to anywhere in the world. There is no limit to the places we will ship, nor are there are size limitations on orders.

With offices in both China and the United States, we are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Like you, our main priority is our customer’s satisfaction. We will not stop until we are certain that you have a complete and safe scaffolding system that is ready to setup whenever you need it.

Coronet provides you with the scaffolding systems necessary for all types of tasks within the field of construction and repair of buildings. We firmly believe that the foundation of our business is strength, as well as functionality. We take great pride in offering only the highest quality components to assure only the most reliable and dependable products.

If you are in the market for the highest quality, most dependable, and safest scaffolding system in the industry today, look no further than Coronet.

We build safety.


Coronet's responsible attitude, experience, professionalism and global vision make us different. In Coronet everyone is considered to be an integral part of our family. No matter what happens we will be there to support you every step of the way.


Kevin Lee


- Chief Executive Officer


Susan Lee


- Vice President of Coronet China


Jim Fraser


- Vice President of Coronet USA

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    To be a global brand

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                 Coronet is a comprehensive scaffold service

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