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  • Thanks to Coronet's inspiring group of family members, we have evolved from a small company in 2004 to one of the largest and most successful scaffolding suppliers in China. We have worked diligently and successfully together for the past 12 years to make Coronet the success it is today, and look forward to Coronet's continued growth and success, going forward into the future.

    Thanks to our customers support, we have reached out to the world and made new discoveries along the way. Currently, Coronet has thousands of clients located around the world including Asia, Europe, North and South America, Oceania and Africa.

    As well as building strong relationships with, and supplying scaffolding materials and expertise to projects such as the construction of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank building in New York City; petroleum engineering projects in Kazakhstan; nuclear power stations for generating electricity in Mexico, or civil mansions in Australia and New Zealand, together with our customer's support, we always seek out opportunities for further development and growth.

  • It is the scaffolding which fundamentally connects us and gives a complete package solution to the construction world. Our professionalism and quality solutions are fully in accordance with international safety MTS and ELEMENT certified guidelines, recognised and trusted across the civil and infrastructural buildings sector; offshore oil and gas, and renewable energy sector.

    Coronet's responsible attitude, experience, professionalism and global vision make us different. In Coronet everyone is considered to be an integral part of our family. No matter what happens we will be there to support you every step of the way.

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