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  • Coronet Scaffold Group, one of the leading and most qualified scaffolding companies here in China.
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  • Thanks to Coronet's inspiring group of family members, we have evolved from a small scaffold company in 2004 to one of the largest and most successful and qualified scaffolding sales companies in China. We have worked diligently and successfully together for the past 13 years to make Coronet Scaffold the success it is today, and look forward to Coronet's continued growth and success , going forward into more scaffolding sales and innovations.

    Thanks to Coronet's full product line of Ringlock scaffolding, Cuplock scaffolding, US type of masonry, walk thru frames, NY type of Sidewalk shed scaffolding(Bridge leg products), Australian type of Kwikstage scaffolding, Scaffolding plank (metal deck), scaffolding tube & clamp (Tubing & Couplers) etc, we have reached out to the world and made new discoveries in scaffolding world. Currently, Coronet scaffold has hundreds of scaffolding clients mainly from America, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand and many other countries. Besides Coronet's regular scaffolding systems, we also have a great passion and desire to do OEM or ODM for a variety of requirement of your scaffolding needs.

    As well as building strong relationships with, and supplying scaffolding materials and expertise to scaffold projects such as the scaffolding construction of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank building in New York City; petroleum engineering projects in Kazakhstan; nuclear power stations for generating electricity in Mexico, or civil mansions in Australia and New Zealand, together with our customer's support, we always seek out opportunities for further scaffolding development and growth.

  • It is the scaffolding which fundamentally connects us and gives a complete package solution to the construction and scaffolding world. Our professionalism and quality solutions of scaffoldings are fully in accordance with international scaffold safety benchmark including Australia MTS(Melbourne Testing) and ELEMENT certified guidelines, recognised and trusted across the civil and infrastructural buildings sector; offshore oil and gas, and renewable energy sector.

    Coronet's responsible attitude, experience, professionalism and global vision make us different. In Coronet everyone is considered to be an integral part of our family. No matter what happens we will be there to support your scaffolding needs in every step of the way.

  • “The ultimate purpose of a perfectly working scaffold is to provide a structurally safe workspace with suitable access and ease of setup and use for the task at hand.”

    Any person who works in the construction industry knows the indispensability of a solid and well-built system of scaffolding. In fact, many would consider scaffolding to be one of the most vital aspects of any construction business. After all, without the proper tools, the job cannot be done safely.

    Scaffolding allows architects, designers, and builders to dream big, and, more importantly, it enables construction workers to make those dreams a reality. It grants peace of mind to the laborers, the contractors, and also to pedestrians who will, inevitably, need to move freely beneath and around the site.

    If you have ever taken a walk on the sidewalks of a city, it’s almost a given that you will come across construction of some kind. Chances are, you will need to walk around or beneath a scaffolding system that has been installed in order for the construction workers to execute their tasks efficiently and safely. You might walk through a long “tunnel” of scaffolding that leads you down the sidewalk and safely through the construction site. Or you might have to walk around a large scaffold that has been erected on the front of a building so that construction workers can perform general maintenance on the facade.

    No matter what type of scaffolding you see, the main goal is safety, for both the pedestrians who need to be in and around the work site, and the workers who are doing the job, which is why we hold to the belief that, “…the ultimate purpose of a perfectly working scaffold is to provide a structurally safe workspace with suitable access and ease of setup and use for the task at hand”.

    We, at Coronet, understand how important function is on the job site. Because we know that the main goal is the completion of the project, we want to make that goal as easy as possible to fulfill. Our straightforward scaffolding systems allow for quick setup and take down, as well as peace of mind.

    There are so many situations in which scaffolding is necessary in order to carry out a specific job. Examples of these are;

    Because we know that every job is different, our skilled team of professional and experienced designers at Coronet will customize scaffold solutions that are both cost effective and efficient, for both you and your client, based on the job that needs to be done. Our in-house engineers will evaluate your specific project to better understand your exact needs. They will then carry out any necessary research in order to be able to recommend the type of scaffolding that will perfectly match the requirements and demands of your project, giving you peace of mind knowing that your workers will be safe and that the job will be done efficiently and effectively.

    We, at Coronet, believe in safety. We strive to meet and exceed the standards for manufactured scaffolding materials, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and reliability appropriate for the work being done, while strictly adhering to all scaffold safety guidelines and load requirements required and established by state and federal regulations.

    No matter how challenging or substantial your project is, Coronet offers the most supportive structures of any scaffolding company in the market today. We specialize in various types of scaffolding, such as;

    We also supply all necessary accessories you will need to complete your project safely and successfully, included, but not limited to;


    Coronet strives to provide you will an entire supportive structure, including everything you will need to get the job done right, inside and out. No matter how challenging or substantial your project is, our scaffolding company has the tools you need to succeed and excel. We offer only the best, highest quality products and components in the scaffolding industry today.

    Whatever specific tensile or yield strength your project needs, or what type of elongation the steel specifications require, or even what kind of finish your steel should be—whether hot dipped, galvanized, or powder coated—we are ready with a variety of products that will make your job that much easier, that much stronger, and that much safer.

    Our scaffold welders are all certified to meet the expectations and regulations of the scaffold industry. Our entire line of scaffolding material is tested to meet ANSI, NASC, and OSHA scaffold standards, assuring that you are purchasing a completely certified, well-made, and completely safe structure that you can put all of your trust into when it is erected on a job site. The safety of your workers should come first. Here at Coronet, our main goal is safety. We take pride in our product and want you to as well.

    We deliver a complete system, including all necessary components you will need to setup and take down your scaffolding system, from start to finish. Once your order is complete, a team of professionals will quality check, package, and ship your entire order from our facilities in China to anywhere in the world. There is no limit to the places we will ship, nor are there are size limitations on orders.

    With offices in both China and the United States, we are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Like you, our main priority is our customer’s satisfaction. We will not stop until we are certain that you have a complete and safe scaffolding system that is ready to setup whenever you need it.

    Coronet provides you with the scaffolding systems necessary for all types of tasks within the field of construction and repair of buildings. We firmly believe that the foundation of our business is strength, as well as functionality. We take great pride in offering only the highest quality components to assure only the most reliable and dependable products.

    If you are in the market for the highest quality, most dependable, and safest scaffolding system in the industry today, look no further than Coronet.

    We build safety.

  • Gracias al grupo inspirador de Coronet como miembros de una familia , que ha evolucionado a partir de una empresa pequeña en 2004 a ser una de las más grande y exitosa proveedora de andamios en China. Hemos trabajado juntos rápidamente durante los últimos 12 años, para lograr todos los éxitos de Coronet hoy, y que se continúe con el crecimiento y el buen desarrollo en el futuro.

    Gracias al apoyo de nuestros clientes, hemos puesto en contacto con el mundo y hecho nuevos reconocimientos a lo largo del camino. En la actualidad, Coronet tiene miles de clientes ubicados en todo el mundo, incluyendo Asia, Europa, América del Norte y del Sur, Oceanía y África.

    Así como la construcción de relaciones sólidas, y el suministro de materiales de andamio y la experiencia para proyectos como la construcción del edificio Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank en la ciudad de Nueva York; proyectos de ingeniería de petróleo en Kazajstán; las centrales nucleares para la generación de electricidad en México, o la de mansiones en Australia y Nueva Zelanda, junto con el apoyo de nuestros clientes, que siempre buscan oportunidades para un mayor desarrollo y crecimiento.

  • Es el andamiaje, que fundamentalmente nos conecta y da una solución completa y sistemática al mundo de la construcción. Nuestro profesionalismo y la calidad de soluciones están totalmente de acuerdo con las directrices certificadas de MTS y ELEMENT en seguridad internacional, reconocidos y de confianza en todo el sector de la construcción civil y de la infraestructura; petróleo y gas, y el sector de la energía renovable.

    La actitud responsable, las experiencias, el profesionalismo y la visión global de Coronet nos hacen diferentes. En Coronet cada miembro se considera que es una parte integral de la gran familia. No importa qué suceda, nosotros siempre estamos listos para apoyarlo en cada paso del camino.

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